3 Creative Ways to Enjoy Peppers

Peppers are one of the most interesting foods because they’re able to be consumed in countless ways.  From seasonings, to whole and raw, to grilling them: you can find a way for everyone to enjoy these amazing veggies.

These are three fun and creative ways to enjoy peppers and why they can make anyone smile.

Why Peppers Should Be Eaten More!

Peppers are considered one of the best foods out there, especially if you’re trying to lose weight or eat healthier.  Not only are they low in calories but high in nutrition; they’re also full of vitamins aA and C, potassium, fiber, and folic acid.  Spicier peppers are full of capsaicin, which can reduce appetite and burn calories from the heat it produces in your body.  Peppers are also incredibly easy to grow and can still be nutritious in a large variety of preparation styles.  They’re a perfect food.

Spice Up Your Hot Chocolate

If you want to make your chilly days a little warmer: consider adding some heat to your hot chocolate!  This is best done while you’re heating it up so that it will dissolve and work better.  Avoid doing this with anything pickled.  Instead, get powdered peppers, like chiltepin, which you can sprinkle into your hot chocolate while you make it.  The added heat, without any bitter or peppery flavor, boosts this drink up a notch and makes it so much more satisfying in the heat.  You can take this further by stirring in dark chocolate, which balances perfectly against the heat and sweetness.

Candy Your Bacon With Pepper Jelly

Candied bacon is a treat more people are moving towards in 2022!  Although everyone has their own recipe for it, using jelly isn’t unheard of in most households!  Instead of using plain fruit jelly, mix things up and use habanero jelly!  This spunky jelly allows you to enjoy the perfect mix of sweet, savory, and smoky flavors with a strong kick of heat that takes it up a notch.  Bacon that’s been candied with this is the perfect food for a charcuterie board or for surprising guests at any party or potluck.  People won’t be able to get enough of it and will want your recipe! 

Make Carb-Free Finger Food Wraps

If you love wraps but want to cut out the carbs, peppers have an answer for you!  Using small sweet peppers, cut off their top and remove the seeds before rinsing thoroughly.  After patting dry, create rolls of meat and cheeses of your choice before sliding them into the top of the peppers.  You can dip these in mustard or whatever sauces you want and enjoy the perfect mix of crispy, crunchy, cheesy meat wraps without having to worry about unwanted calories or carbs.  These are healthy meals for anyone on the go.

Everyone Should Try More Ways to Enjoy Pepper

Whether you’re unsure if you like peppers or you want to try new ways to enjoy them: there are a ton of different ways to enjoy pepper.  Consider trying some of these different flavor combinations to add some heat to your diet!