5 Cool Party Souvenirs Your Guests Will Love

If you throw a party, you want it to be memorable and when guests have a cool souvenir to bring home, it provides a great reminder of the fun they had. While you’re probably quite familiar with party favors for kids, like stickers, wristbands, tattoos, and little bags of candy, what do you do for the adults that unique souvenir without breaking the bank? 

Those hopping mini toys with springs that soon fall out, rolling under your couch, LED glitter balls, and little squeeze-’em plastic animals aren’t going to go over well with grownups. But to “claim your crown as the perfect host,” as Martha Stewart notes, you’ll want some cool party souvenirs that are sure to please. 


Consider an artist for hire so your guests can sit for their caricature, something that can be done in just minutes by talented caricature artists, creating a one-of-a-kind party souvenir everyone will love to take home. Your guests will walk away with humorous renditions of themselves that still capture their likeness spot-on. It’s fun to watch too, with the artist working at lightning speed that can leave everyone in awe wondering how they do it so quickly and so accurately.

Tiny Potted Plants

Who doesn’t like plants? Especially the kind that aren’t hard to take care of. For a party souvenir, plants in 4″ pots are the perfect size, and if they contain little cacti, even better as those poky plants require only minimal maintenance. 

Make your party souvenir plants even more fun by gently layering colorful aquarium rocks over the exposed soil, using bold use that contrasts with the pot. You can also decorate the pots, covering them with painter’s tape and then creating different designs by blocking off various areas. Then paint them using a brush and paint or spray paint.

Infused Sugars

Infused sugars are perfect for any soiree. It’s a fun way to add flavor to sugar, providing a great edible gift that can be used in baked goods, topped onto fruit or toast, only requiring a few ingredients and minimal work. You can customize them to a specific region’s flavor for a themed party using ingredients like exotic fruits, espresso beans, or vanilla beans. Dry ground spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, or even chili powder are great too.

Make it a few days in advance in order for it to infuse. Simply add your spices, fruit, beans, or other ingredients to a Mason jar, cover with cover, and shake, then let it sit, keeping it tightly sealed. The amount added will vary depending on the ingredients, but generally, you’ll want a quarter cup of what you’re infusing the sugar with for every cup of sugar. For more intense flavor, add less sugar. Afterward, pop on a pretty label or a gift tag.

Photo Magnets 

Photo magnets can be a fun activity and a souvenir your guests can take home. Pick up a large bag of glass gems in the floral section of your favorite craft store along with a package of magnets. 

You’ll need to have a printer and photo paper ready to print out photos you can take throughout the party. Once you’ve captured some of the best moments of the party, use photo editing software to size the images to fit the gems. Conclude your party with this fun activity that allows your guests to finish the rest of the process. 

When you’ve printed the photos out, let everyone choose their favorite or hand them out yourself. Have your guests cut out their pictures, cutting slightly inside of the line to avoid having the photo hanging over the edge. A coat of Mod Podge (a glue, sealer, and finish) should then be placed on the flat side of the gem. Allow them to try for 30 minutes or so and then have them hot glue magnets to the back. 

Personalized Glasses

During the party, serve guests cocktails or wine from personalized glasses. When it’s all sent and done, they can bring them home as a useful and fun souvenir that will help them remember the occasion for many years to come.