Educational Trips in Canada for Families

When you have children, finding suitable vacation destinations can often be a hassle. You need a destination that works well for the whole family and teaches your children some valuable lessons. One of the best places to look for educational trips is Canada, as the country has a slew of perfect educational destinations. Whether it be outdoor areas that allow you to get close to rare wildlife, museums that illustrate amazing history, or areas that play major roles in world politics, Canada truly has it all. However, Canada is a big place, so narrowing down which area to visit may be a difficult task. So what are the absolute best educational trips in Canada for families? Let’s take a look. 


When planning an educational trip for your family, you might want to consider exposing them to the great outdoors and rare wildlife. One of the best places to do this in Canada is in Churchill. Located in the northern portion of Canada, Churchill has some unique features that you won’t find in any other location. The area is known as the “polar bear capital of the world,” as hundreds of polar bears migrate to the location every year. As a result, Churchill offers guests the unique opportunity to see polar bears up close in their natural habitat. However, it’s not just polar bears that visitors can see, as the area is also known to receive thousands of migrating beluga whales every single year as well. Seeing this wildlife in their natural habitat is an amazing experience and can be very educational for members of your family.


One of the best spots for an educational trip in Canada is Ottawa. Ottawa is the capital of Canada, meaning the city has a lot of political and historical significance. While in the city, you can visit Parliament Hill and experience the seat of the nation’s government. In the area, there are plenty of tours and educational opportunities available, allowing your entire party to learn lots about both the politics and history of Canada as a nation. In addition to Parliament Hill, Ottawa is also home to several famous museums like the Canadian War Museum and the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. These museums are world-class, and can educate you and your entire party. If you can’t afford one of the Ottawa homes for sale to move to this great city, then you at least owe it to yourself to visit the area and experience all of the city’s educational wonders. 


An often overlooked educational vacation destination is Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia. Even though Halifax is underrated, it still ranks as one of the best educational destinations in the country. Halifax is home to the Discovery Center, a perfect place for children to get a hands-on science education. Additionally, the city has lots of history behind it, previously serving as a vital port town for the country. Due to the vital role it played in the growth of Canada, many buildings in the area are historical and in some way honor the area’s rich history. If you want to take your family to a location that can teach both science and history, Halifax can be a great option. 

Quebec City

Canada has an extremely unique cultural history, as the city has both British and French influences. Originally under French control, ownership of the colony shifted to the British as a result of the Seven Years War. Although the British remained in control until Canada gained its independence, many areas of Canada still are heavily influenced by French culture. One place where this French cultural influence is on full display is in Quebec City. Many historical buildings with French influence still remain today, as well as several historical centers. If you are looking to experience French culture and experience historical aspects of Canada, Quebec City can be a great option.