Moving to Southern California? Here’s What to Know 

Are you looking at Los Angeles homes for sale or trying to snag a good rental in Irvine, but don’t know what to expect of the area?

SoCal, as it’s lovingly called, is a great place to settle down in if you’re a fan of the coastline, love being occupied with a myriad of things to do year-round, and are ready to live anywhere from a quiet town to a bustling city.

There’s natural beauty all around.

The white sand beaches along the coast have aqua waters that are lined with palm trees.

Deserts are beautiful places to see thanks to the Mojave, Colorado, and Great Basin areas that are filled with all types of vegetation and wildlife.

The immense Joshua Tree National Park is a wonder to behold, as are the bioluminescent waves at the La Jolla Scripps Pier.

It’s temperate year-round.

The temperature rarely goes below 42 degrees Fahrenheit. The summer is dry and the winters are rainy, making for ideal conditions year-round.

There’s a way of living that suits your needs.

Whether you want to bustle of a city like Los Angeles or the small-town quiet of a place like Malibu, southern California has what you need.

It’s a great place to raise a family.

Within southern California is San Marino, Rancho Santa Margarita, and South Pasadena, some of the safest cities in the country.

In addition to low crime rates, many cities have excellent educational systems in place and a high quality of life, making SoCal an ideal area to live the family life.

Diversity is the norm.

Another perk to raising a family here is the diversity your children will experience. SoCal is a melting pot of many cultures that can be seen through the food people eat at the events and entertainment venues in the area.

Health is a priority.

Given the ample outdoor space to do physical activity coupled with year-round gorgeous weather, it’s no wonder the folks in SoCal are very into being fit.

There are plenty of places to run, bike, surf, and partake in almost any sport you can think of.

There’s also hundreds of fitness studios and gyms in the area, making an active lifestyle feel like second nature to anyone who lives there.

It’s wildly entertaining.

Trying to catch sight of an A list movie star? Head to Hollywood.

Want to hang out with Mickey and friends or say hi to the newest Avenger? Disneyland and the Avengers campus are there.

Southern California is home to some of the biggest entertainment draws in the country, making it a hot spot for residents and tourists alike.

You can always catch a game.

Southern California has a diverse sports scene thanks to the NBA’s Lakers and MLB’s Dodgers in Los Angeles; NFL’s Chargers and MLB’s Padres in San Diego; and NHL’s Ducks and MLB’s Angels in Anaheim.

You’ll never be bored.

You’d be hard pressed to find a night in any southern California city that isn’t packed with entertainment opportunities.

Every area has its own scene of musical entertainment, restaurants, and bars that serve a variety of fare, festivals, museums, and much more.