The Vont Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter: A Must-Have

Technology is an amazing thing and it has made life so much easier. Do you remember the days when you want to listen to something in your car and you would have only the radio? Or when it was music you would put in a tape. Then from tapes, we moved to CDs for you to listen to the music you want. But technology has now made it even easier. No more worries of tape being stuck in the car tape deck, or CDs scratching and you would need to throw them out. Now comes in FM transmitters.

What is an FM Transmitter?

An FM transmitter functions similarly to a standard radio transmitter. It is like the high-powered ones used by radio stations. It transmits a signal to a particular frequency. It connects wirelessly to a smart device on the other end. It allows data to exchange without the use of a connection.

An easy example of this is, if you have music on your phone, you switch your Bluetooth on and it will connect to the FM transmitter. Once you do that, you press play on your music player on your phone and it comes through your speakers in the car. This is all thanks to the transmitter.

The Vont Bluetooth Car FM transmitter

If you are like me you have probably tried several of these Fm transmitters. All the ones I tried before were very disappointing. But when I decided to give the Vont Bluetooth Car FM transmitter I was not disappointed. I will not be throwing this one out for a very long time. And here is why:

It immediately links with your car

I upgraded my car recently to a new model. I did not have to sit in it and try to link frequencies. This usually takes a while and can be frustrating. But with the Vont Bluetooth Car FM, as soon as you plug it in, it connects with no issues. In an instant, you will have your Bluetooth connection. You will be able to answer calls while you are driving. Did I mention you can chat hands-free on your phone? This is the safest way to drive. You can use a USB or Memory card to play your audio. It also has AUX and Radio support. To top it off you can listen to your music wirelessly.

It is universally compatible

The Vont Bluetooth adapter works with any smartphone or tablet. As long as your device is Bluetooth enabled it will connect to the Vont transmitter. It also connects to anything that has a 3.5mm AUX audio jack. You can also use a TF, MicroSD card. With two USB ports, you can have as much music as you like on them and just enjoy. Some transmitters do not support A@DP, FAT, FLAC, MP3, or WMA formats, but the Vont transmitter does.

It has HD sound quality

One of the things that frustrated me about other car  FM transmitters I had used, was the poor sound quality. But the Vont Bluetooth transmitter blew my mind. It has CVC technology which means it has an ambient noise and your sound comes through so clearly it will amaze you.

Large HD display

I hate to try and squint while trying to read what most transmitters are reading on their screens. Especially when you are trying to focus on driving. The Vont Bluetooth LCD screen is 1.44″. You can see incoming calls, the car battery voltage level and if you are using music that’s from a TF card, it will display the tracks that are playing.

Lightning Charging

Now, this is a bonus for me. I can charge my phone using the transmitter. it has fast charging which is very convenient when your phone is about to die. It has a 5V-2.1A charge port. This is compatible with anything you can charge using a USB. So you can charge all your devices in your car while you drive.

The lifetime warranty that comes with the Vont Bluetooth car transmitter is the icing on the cake.

Final Word

Vont has so many great products but for me the Bluetooth car transmitter tops them. It adds convenience and makes driving a pleasure. The quality of the product is good so you will have it for a long time even if you change cars.